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All About Decorative Bed Pillows

Decorative bed pillows and their cases are more than just a tool for resting your head on at night. Considering the number of shapes, sizes, and types of decorative pillows, they can do a lot to define a room’s design. Decorative pillows are useful outside of the bedroom as well. Whether it’s on the living room couch or a recreation room beanbag, pillows are in almost every space of the home. Let’s look further into the topic of decorative pillows to describe their function and how to utilize them properly in interior design.

What Should I Know About Decorative Pillows?

While they certainly have a lot of practical applications, we love pillows for their versatility and ability to fit nearly every style and type of room. Pillowcases can look like virtually anything, and they even come with pieces of flair such as tassels or beads. 

Some common types of pillows include: 

Decorative bed pillows come in a variety of patterns and designs to help fit a particular look or add a stylish element to a room. In general, we recommend pairing pillows and bedding with the walls and curtains, although this is not a hard-and-fast rule. Just make sure that your pillow is cohesive with your room’s look, and it should be fine. 

How Do I Take Care of My Decorative Pillows?

As with anything in your home, pillows require a bit of maintenance and cleaning to look their best and last longer. Fortunately, keeping your pillows in shape is quick and easy. Here are some tips on how to take care of your throw pillows: 

  • If your pillows don’t have a zipper, try to keep them out of the wash. The washer can cause moisture to become trapped, making your pillows lose their shape. Only spot clean occasionally unless it’s completely necessary.  
  • If your pillows have any beads or rhinestone detailing, clean them with simple wipedowns unless there’s a huge stain. Otherwise, keep it on the gentle cycle. 
  • If your tassels or fringes become tangled, work a bit of fabric conditioner through them while using a small needle to comb out the tangles. This process will keep your pillows aesthetically and tactically pleasing, helping them last longer.  
  • When your pillows are not in use, wrap them with plastic wrap and store them in a container. This storage method should keep them free of dust and allergens, not to mention away from pests. 
  • When moving or storing pillows, take particular care not to allow any moisture to come in contact with them, as the fluffy down can quickly become a breeding ground for mold. 

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At The Curtain Shop, we provide so much more than drapery. We’re not afraid to branch out of our specialty to offer other bedroom accessories such as bedroom throw pillows. We have everything you need to build a cohesive look and help your home looks its best, no matter your preferences. Call us today at 1-866-886-3632 or visit our contact page to learn more about our selection or request a fabric sample to match your décor.

Light it Up!

While it might seem like the domain of kids’ rooms and college dorms, strings of light can absolutely be utilized anywhere and by anyone. Whether on top of your window frame or gently hung to the side with your patio door curtains, they can be set to whatever position you’d like at any time.

Tip: A simple string of white lights can be an excellent way to add ambiance and mood to your room when the lights are dim and you’re settled on the couch.

Get Festive!

Of course, there’s no limit of seasonal items that you can utilize for your patio door curtains and window. From stickers to specialty lights and even the curtains themselves, there’s no shortage of ways to spruce things up for the holidays! It’s one more way to get into the seasonal spirit, and your guests will love it!

Looking For More Patio Door Curtain Ideas? Check Out TheCurtainSop!

If these simple decoration ideas have given you some inspiration for your own interior decorating, feel free to check out our collection of items! Be sure to check out our clearance section for unbeatable deals on some premium stuff. If you have any questions or would like to request a fabric sample, contact us today!