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Ultimate Blackout Liner for Tab Top Panels - Thermalogic

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Ultimate Blackout Liner for Tab Top Panels - Thermalogic
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Triple Layers create light, noise, and insulating control between you and the outside world. A Layer of dense weave coupled with a traditional weave layer and a non-toxic Acrylic coating on the back side creates a barrier that blocks 100% of light, stops drafts, and reduces noise. Thermalogic Ultimate Black Out Liner is energy efficient insulated curtains. Warm air stays in during winter, cool air stays in in summer.

* Saves money on your energy bill

* Get more restful sleep thanks to its total black out characteristics.

* Acts as a sound barrier so you can enjoy more peace and quiet.

* Reduces glare on computer monitors and TV screens

* Protects carpets and furniture from sun fading

* White on back to meet condominiums requirements

Washable, imported.

The Ultimate Black Out Liner features Multiple Headings to hang: Pinch Pleated Drapery, Tab Top Panels, Grommet Panels, and Tailored Panels that gather on the curtain rod.

Each panel has 1/2 inch side hems and 1/4" bottom hem.

Simple to follow instructions are included.

Panel is 45" wide, sold individually, and are offered in three lengths: 56" fits 63" length panel, 77" fits 84" length panel, 88" fits 95" length panel, and 101" to fit a 108" length panel..

Each panel has 1/4" side hems and a 1/2" bottom hem, and includes simple to follow instructions to attach to the back of your Grommet Top panel.

Panel is 45" wide, sold individually, and is offered in four lengths:
56" fits 63" length panel
77" fits 84" length panel
88" fits 95" length panel
101" fits a 108" length panel

Fabric Content:
Face: 80 percent polyester/20 percent cotton
Back: 100 percent rayon

The Ultimate Blackout Liner is washable.


The Ultimate Blackout Liner will help turn your bedroom in the dark, peaceful space you've always imagined. Block out the cold, the heat, the noise and the light all in one step when you attach this perfectly proportioned liner to your tab-top curtain panel. Follow the simple instructions included and turn the drapes you love into ones that do so much more for you. There's no need to get rid of curtains you love to get a better night's sleep in a too-bright, too-loud, uncomfortably hot or cold room. Just attach the Ultimate Blackout Liner and realize the peaceful joy of a bedroom that stays just the way you like it no matter the season or time of day.