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Bring in the Spring with New Drapes, Valances, and Curtains

Incorporating some of your spring home decor ideas is not always easy, but if you follow a few basic intuitive rules, you cannot go wrong.

As of this writing, it’s official. The clock has just jumped forward, and it’s time to give your home a nice deep cleaning after a long winter of cozy hot drinks and sedentary afternoons indoors. Unfortunately, incorporating your spring decorating ideas can be easier said than done. It’s ok; nobody’s an expert. That’s why it’s important to follow a few basic intuitive rules, such as:

Let Light In

With the variety of materials available for fabric window displays across all varieties, there’s no reason that you shouldn’t be able to experiment and play around with various fabrics to see what you like for what season. From thick, warm suede to silks, different materials tend to impact:

1) The Weight of the Item

2) The Opaqueness and Transparency

Personally, I recommend that you celebrate the coming warmer weather and longer days by allowing as much light as possible with spring decorating ideas that incorporate light, easy to clean, sheer drapery.

Don’t Be Afraid of Soft Pastels

Spring is the time of redecoration and a return to a bright aesthetic that signifies the coming summer. In other words, there’s no better time to take a few risks with your spring home decor. Oftentimes, having interior items in the understated yet eye-catching colors of your lavenders and mints are a great way to bring in the season, and could last you until the return of cooler seasons.

Tip: Polka dots tend to look great in pastels, and is another way to signify the exuberance for life that the season has come to represent.

Floral Prints

As birds and insects become increasingly vocal after a long, dormant winter and rain returns in droves, it’s not surprising that spring has long been associated with rebirth, new beginnings, and a return of nature around our homes. Because of this, people often incorporate flowers and floral shapes when thinking about spring house decor ideas. They also happen to lend themselves to colors you would usually associate with spring, such as greens and citruses. Realistic or abstract, you have a variety of designs to choose from, all able to be easily implemented.

Our Alba printed sheer floral printed grommet curtain panel will allow a generous amount of natural light to brighten your living space while providing daytime privacy.  The lovely neutral pastel tones provide the perfect back drop to welcome the Spring for any room in your home.  It’s the best way to add style to your windows.

Floral patterns are a classic spring choice, but you could also consider stripes, geometric patterns, or even butterfly or bird motifs if you are looking for something new to liven up your home for those breezy, warmer Spring days.

Tip: Daffodils tend to be the go-to plant to represent spring.


Tassels tend to provide an eye-catching flair to any piece of decoration they adorn. From pillows to valances, they accompany many decorative items. Depending on how you use them, they can implement a variety of moods to a room, oftentimes providing a sense of whimsical freedom or elegant opulence. More importantly, they happen to be super in this season. Our recommendation for implementing these particular pieces is to keep it noticeable, but somewhat understated. For your window dressing, try relegating them more or less to your tiebacks or valances.

We offer a variety of tassel tiebacks to complement just about any curtain color and style.

Looking for More Spring Decorating Ideas? The Curtain Shop has What you Need!

Don’t be lost in the woods when trying to plan out your interior. Wanna talk to our experts about all things spring home decor? Check out our contact page or browse our online store.