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Curtains vs Drapes: What Are the Pros and Cons?

In this day and age of mass production and efficient shipping, it may not come as a surprise that the variety of choices that every consumer has at their fingertips may feel overwhelming. Especially when choosing between two seemingly different products, such as curtains and drapes online. However, look a bit closer, and you’ll see apparently small but incredibly important differences that can totally change how you use and enjoy these items.

To do that, we’re getting down to basics, and listing out pros and cons for both curtains and drapes that may sway you to one side or another, depending on what you’re looking for out of the product.

Curtains Pros:

  • Easily cleaned in the washing machine
  • Does not reach the floor, unlike drapes
  • Lighter than drapes
  • Does not have an obtrusive drawstring
  • Suitable for almost any decor/mood


Curtains Cons:

  • Might let too much light in
  • May seem too informal


Drapes Pros:

  • Create an impressive, formal presence in any room
  • Blocks out more light due to increased coverage/usually thicker material
  • More energy efficient


Drapes Cons:

  • Requires specialty cleaning agents that only dry cleaners can provide
  • Gets soiled fairly easily
  • Might make more noise than curtains
  • Heavy and may be difficult to install/operate


All in All

Regardless of which option you choose, either option you go with is bound to provide for your decorative needs. Where you may really want to dissect the differences are on functionality, such as how easy they are to clean, usability, and how they set a mood in a room. With the proper maintenance, either option will provide you with years of reliable use.
Tip: To add a bit of flair to your curtains or drapes, try accessorizing with things like tiebacks and rods.

Quick History of Drapery

Now that you’ve established what you’re looking for in window dressing, let’s examine where these pieces of decor began, and how looking into their past can reveal a surprising and untapped world of uses in this deceptively simple item. Drapery, as we know it, has had a long history where various styles have changed in functionality and style like the concept of textiles that adorn window spaces spread across the globe.

Eventually, as glass windows became popularized, curtains and drapes turned into a tool of privacy, used to section off parts of rooms when homes often had no individual spaces. As with any textile, mass production has allowed a variety of drapery to be adorned in homes all across the world. These days, you can buy virtually any kind of drape or curtain online, allowing anyone to have a variety of window dressing at their beck and call for any occasion.

Looking to Buy Quality Curtains and Drapes Online? You’ve Come to the Right Place

With The Curtain Shop, you’ll never be short of quality, custom, and fairly priced drapery (regardless of what kind you choose). We care about what we do, and our products are always held to the highest standard.
To talk to one of our representatives for a quote or getting a curtain fabric sample, call us today at 1-800-385-4211 or reach out through our contact page.