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Black Out Grommet Panels - Custom Select

100 Inch Wide Black Out Grommet Panel(s) Single or Pair - Almost Custom
Reg Price: $760.00Our Price: $460.00
150 Inch Wide Black Out Grommet Top Curtain Panel(s) Single or Pair - Custom Select
Reg Price: $1,150.00Our Price: $729.00
200 Inch Wide BLACK OUT Grommet Top Curtain Panel(s) Pair or Single - CUstom Select
Reg Price: $1,300.00Our Price: $899.00
Made in America, our Almost Custom Black Out Grommet curtains successfully block unwanted sunlight from entering your windows so you can get the wonderful night's sleep you crave. Did you know that excessive sunlight can do more than keep you awake? Prolonged exposure to sunlight can actually damage furniture, carpets and walls, fading colors and prematurely aging your home. However, TheCurtainShop.com has stylish black out curtains that will block sunlight so you can sleep better and protect your belongings.

Select from hundreds of fabrics to coordinate with your existing room furnishings.

Many people don't work the traditional 9 to 5 shift. Some people arrive home from work just as the sun is rising, attempting to go to sleep as daylight streams in through the window. Sleeping with the sun streaming into the house isn't easy, but blackout curtains can help. The curtains successfully filter and block light to help you fall asleep and stay asleep. As an added bonus, they also act as a sound barrier to block noises from outside so you can rest. That means the neighborhood kids won't keep you awake anymore, and neither will disruptive dogs.

We make any width and length, by the pair or single panel. Call us for a quote toll free 866-886-3632.


Almost Customs products are made specifically for you, and therefore can not be returned, except for defect in which case they will be picked up and replaced. Once fabric has been cut, Almost Custom orders can not be canceled. We highly recommend getting a fabric swatch prior to placing your order. Our customer service will happily assist you with sizing and other questions.