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Shades or Blinds: Which Are Better For Summer?

The heat during the summer along the East Coast can be absolutely unbearable. Mix in the humidity and it will be downright impossible to keep the heat out of your home. If you are trying to beat the heat this summer with shades or blinds, do you know which option is better for your home? The battle between blinds vs shades rages on and the team from The Curtain Shop is here to shed some light on which of the two you should choose.

Why Choose Shades?

Are you considering shades to help keep the heat out of your home this summer? If so, you will need to keep them closed all day in order to save energy and prevent the heat from entering your home. Shades will need to be installed as close to the glass as possible in order to seal the window. Choose reversible shades with white on one side and black on the other. White can reflect the sun away from the home in the summer and black can draw the sun in during the winter to help heat the home.

Are Blinds the Better Option?

When it comes to windows blinds vs shades, blinds can help to reflect heat away from your home, but they have to be closed completely. When closed entirely, blinds can reduce heat in your home by up to 45 percent.

Both Window Treatment Options Work

While it may not seem like it, patio curtain rods make for a great way to enhance the visual presence of your patio door. With their variety of shapes and colors, these basic metal rods can be essential to completing a look for your room.

Tip: Make sure that your curtain rod matches or compliments your drapes in some way. If your curtains are patterned,

Light it Up!

Even though you are trying to decide between blinds and the best window shades, both of these window treatment options work when it comes down to keeping the heat out of your home in the summer. It all comes down to your personal preference, the options available, and how the window treatments will match your home’s current decor. There are plenty of options for both blinds and shades when trying to beat the heat along the East Coast.

How to Choose Window Treatments

When the time comes to choose new window treatments for your home, you need to take specific things into consideration:

  • The measurements of the windows
  • Whether you want to install treatments inside or outside the window frame
  • If you want to use curtain rods
  • If you need double drapery rods
  • The materials you would like to use
  • The functionality of the window treatments
  • The sheer of the window treatments
  • Your budget
  • If you want to add valances
  • The styles available for your home’s decor

Window Coverings Help Beat the Heat – Order Online Today

Window coverings, no matter which type you choose, help to beat the heat along the East Coast. Whether you go with blinds or shades, you will never go wrong when you order online from The Curtain Shop. We have been providing window coverings, bedding, and custom materials since 1953. Visit us online to place your window covering order today.