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What’s the Best Way to Clean My Curtains?

“What’s the Best Way to Clean My Curtains?”

Sprucing up our homes for the holidays seems like a rite of passage for this time of year, and that project likely includes cleaning the curtains.  Many of us clean the curtains in our homes every few years or so – or else at least twice a year – in the springtime (Spring Cleaning) and right now, gearing up for the biggest holiday season of the year. It begs the question: What’s the Best Way to Clean My Curtains? We’re so glad you asked! We wouldn’t want to see anyone ruin their curtains by cleaning them improperly. Curtains and their care are our specialties here at The Curtain Shop.

At The Curtain Shop, you might say that curtains are our life, and we know them well. We offer a seemingly endless selection of the highest quality curtains on the market today – all types of curtains, made out of all type of fabrics. We offer silk, faux silk, sateen’s, lace, velvet, cotton, cotton blends, polyester, to name a few, along with sheer fabrics, linings, and interlinings. But how and where does one begin the cleaning process? Read on to learn how to clean curtains.

The Label is a Great Source of Knowledge

A great, yet obvious place to start is with the label. Most of our curtains come with a label, instructing you how to care for your curtains. Having them professionally dry cleaned is highly recommended on many of the Curtain Shop’s products, which prolongs the life of the curtain. The goal is to keep your curtains looking fabulous.

Dry Cleaning vs Using the Washing Machine

Before you do anything else, make sure to remove all of the hooks and any other hardware. Now – back to that oh-so-important label.  If the instructions say: Do Not Dry Clean, skip the cleaners. There will be no curtain dry cleaning for you, which means of course, that you’ll have to clean the curtains yourself. It’s important to follow the proper cleaning instructions for your particular product.

If using the washing machine, make sure your detergent, preferably a mild detergent, is completely dissolved before you add the curtains. Put the setting on the gentle or delicate cycle and use cold water. It might be a good idea to soak them in cold water first, especially if they are stained or soiled.

Tips on Drying Your Curtains

We recommend hanging up your curtains to dry them. Otherwise, if you use the dryer for your washable curtains, be sure it’s on a low setting, and remove them before they’re totally dry, to avoid wrinkles. If your washing machine and dryer are on the smaller side, you may have to head to a laundromat, and use their over-sized machines.

Many of our fabrics respond well to finger ironing. Gently pull the fabric back between two fingers to remove wrinkles or to create pleating. Otherwise, do a quick ironing to remove any wrinkles, while your curtains are slightly damp.

Routine Curtain Care

You can help your curtains stay fresh, year-round, in between their big cleaning events. Clean heavy curtains with your upholstery brush attachment on your vacuum cleaner. Give lightweight curtains a good shake, paying close attention to the top of your curtain near the rod, a sweet spot for dust.  You can use the wand of your vacuum to knock that out.

Protect Your Curtains from Fading

All fabrics can fade with time due to sun exposure. You can protect your curtains by using blinds, blackout curtains, and shades, or protective curtain liners that attach to the back side of the curtains.

Your Curtains will Look New Again

Hopefully, we’ve answered your question – What’s the Best Way to Clean My Curtains?

If not, and you have more questions, feel free to email us. We offer lots of great information on curtains.

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