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Balloon Curtains

Songbird Lace Balloon Curtain
Reg Price: $49.98Our Price: $31.98
Vanessa Lace Balloon Shade - Ivory - SOLD OUT
Reg Price: $49.98Our Price: $39.98
Hathaway Sage - Adjustable Embroidered Semi Sheer Balloon Curtain Size 54 x 63 (one panel)
Reg Price: $54.98Our Price: $42.98
Hathaway Embroidered Semi Sheer Balloon Shade
Reg Price: $53.98Our Price: $42.98
Hopewell Balloon Shade - Lorraine Home Fashions
Reg Price: $49.98Our Price: $37.98
Balloon shades combine the style of a curtain with the convenience of a shade. The tie-up shades provide a unique look that you can adjust to suit the day. The unique look can be dressed up or down depending on the type of material used and any extra embellishments, such as lace, ruffles and bows. The Curtain Shop carries a large selection of balloon curtains to choose from in many colors and styles. Balloon curtains are easy to adjust and ideal for places like door windows where you may want to cover all or just the majority of the pane depending on the time of day.

Balloon curtains are easy to use and the length can be adjusted to suit your mood. All balloon curtains all come with adjustable rings that make it simple to change the length. Their rod pocket design also allows easy hanging and hides the curtain rod. Balloon curtains can be used in any room of the home to instantly add style and life to a space. From French doors to bedroom windows, there are many ways to use your favorite balloon shades.

If you don't see the exact style of balloon curtain you had in mind, consider trying our Almost Custom feature where you can examine fabrics from top manufacturers to find the perfect style for your space. Almost Custom brings you the top-quality fabrics and workmanship of a custom order at retail prices. Create a look that is uniquely yours.

Explore to uncover all the best styles for your windows, whether you are updating rooms or moving into a brand new home. Just click "Add To Cart" for pricing and shipping info. We can help provide recommendations for your needs. Our large variety of in-stock items makes us your go-to store for balloon shades. At our affordable prices, it's easier than ever to jazz up your windows. Sign up for our email list for the latest deals and offers.