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Swag Curtains
Swag curtains in solids or patterns will dress up your home or office windows with ease. Shop the lowest prices at The Curtain Shop with our famous price-match guarantee to create your ideal look. Choose sheers, stripes, or solid-colored swags for the kitchen, living room, bathroom, or home office. We carry classic, country kitchen and contemporary patterns to match your unique home décor and offer a variety of sizes to suit your windows. Select from dozens of two- and three-piece sets by famous drapery designers.

The double Cambridge swag, available in multiple patterns, is a popular choice for more traditional spaces, with its coordinating layers of fully lined fabric with soft scalloped and corded hems. A floral swag curtain tops a handsomely designed layer in sophisticated stripes. Ellis Curtains has created a classic Jacobean floral design on a woven jacquard background for its Imperial Dress collection of fully lined 100 percent cotton swag curtains that are well-suited for formal and European-inspired spaces. For more a neutral look, solid swag curtains in taupe or beige from The Curtain Shop.

Once you’ve picked your favorite, shop our collection of discounted curtain rods to complement your new swag window treatments. We guarantee your satisfaction with your purchase. If you’d like to see free fabric samples first, just email or call us toll-free at 1-800-385-4211. We’ve been America’s premier choice for chic, affordable curtains for more than 60 years.

Window Toppers: The Difference Between Swag and Valance
Arguably one of the most popular window toppers, valances are fabrics that hang through the window to conceal other window hardware and provide patterns, color, and softness.

Simple valances are the most casual and basic window treatment; it’s a slip-of-fabric connected to a curtain rod with rod pockets or clip rings.

Pro tip: You can use simple valance individually or combined with other window treatments. The soft folds and gathers can fit with any decorating style perfectly.

Swags are fabrics loosely draped and slung over a fancy wound or curtain rod at the corner of the windows to add romance and style to the room.

There are many hanging styles you can choose for swag valance. However, the increasingly common is “simple swag.”

Within this swag, the drapes resemble valances, and the ends are cut into hemmed or diagonals, softly hanging down on both sides of a window.

Pro tip: A swag is perfect for a lovely country or cottage style bedroom due to its sheer softness of window treatment. However, swags alone can’t offer privacy; therefore, you should add other window modifications like curtains, shades, shutters, or blinds.

How Do You Arrange Swag Curtains?
Follow the steps below to arrange swag curtains:

Step 1: Hang the rod brackets above the window
Step 2: Pull your swag up above the rod’s back until the hook supports the rod
Step 3: Leave one-third portion of the curtain behind your window rod. Loop most of the material overthe rod.
Step 4: Bring the curtain’s length over to the other side of a window. Allow part of a curtain to hang in the center. Hook the material up around the opposite curtain rod hook
Step 5: Now, toss the larger portion of your curtain above the rod
Step 6: Manually adjust the curtain to taste.