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Swing Arm Rod Set (pair) Pewter, Antique Brass, Espresso, Black



Adjustable pivoting telescopic steel Swing Arm Rod Set adds so much to the overall look of the window. They are perfect for creating that layered look! Our adjustable 1/2″ diameter swing arm rod set are great for any light weight curtains. Use them on french doors, small windows, and bay windows. These curtain rods are fabulous to hide an appliance alcove or a messy area. Consider creating a simple canopy or a room divider.

The Swing Arm Rods can close your drapery, draw them to the sides, or you can swing one or both away from the window when full light is desired.

• Adjustable 1/2″ diameter swing arm rod fits 1-1/2″ rod pockets or larger.
* For use with light weight curtains.
* Set includes two (2) swing arm rods with 1/2″ long ball finials, one left and one right.
* Exclusive Easy-Leveling Brackets are included.
* Hardware and instructions are included.
* Can be mounted outside of the window molding.

Swing Arm Rod Sets come in two telescoping sizes:
* 14″ to 24″
* 24″ to 38″

Select from three finishes: Pewter, Antique Brass, Espresso and new color Black.

Additional information

Select Finish

50 pewter, 82 Antique Brass, 93 Espresso, Black

Select Length

14 to 24 inch, 24 to 38 inch